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Body Massage In Banglore - Doorstep Solution California SPA... 10/04/2020 Commercial

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Get stress free from this daily hustle in your life with a rejuvenating Body Massage in Banglore and embark on a journey to spirituality at California Spa.
---Who We Are?
We are a Professional Licensed high quality SPA service that provides Massage Therapy to clients all over Bangalore. Our focus is on an integrative approach for Body, Mind and Soul.
We offer full body oil massage of five types :
Our Therapists come to your location. If you cannot have the massage done at your place then we can arrange a hotel or guest house at additional charge which is around Rs 1200.
Female Massage Bangalore
Our Therapists
We have both Female and Male therapists. We offer massage to females and couples and decent respectful men only. Please specify if you need a male or female therapist.
The key to operating at an efficient rate is to get your body a regular massage which keeps your body far from stress and aches. Take time out for great body wellness. At California spa, we help release, renew and rejuvenate you from all kinds of tension and stress. We are professionals, experienced, licensed, high-quality Spa service that provides various types of massage. We deliver the best result and we ensure your visit enhances your well being.
Swedish Massage
At California spa, our Swedish body massage gives a relaxed, tension relief and loosens up tight muscles around your lower neck, shoulders, and back. We help you feel profoundly and exceptionally different.
We focus on blended essential oils; we apply this on lymphatic and pressure point to help you maintain physical, psychological and spiritual well being. It’s relaxing, detoxifying and uplifting.
Deep Tissue
At California, we concentrate on the deepest layer of muscle focusing on knots and releasing acute muscle tension. Our strokes are targeted with a slower movement and deep pressure.
In this type of massage, we combine acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy to help stimulate blood circulation, easing of joint pain and relief sports injuries and migraines.
The gentle rocking of targeted pressure, a rhythmic compression, assisted yoga stretch; we combine all this together to give the body balanced energy. Our well-tailored treatment on this type of massage helps revitalize your body and mind.
We relax your tensed nerves, rejuvenate your body and give a renewed mind with our world-class massage sessions. Your wellness is our concern. ---
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