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Unfold the Unheard Narratives
IranAmaze is a product made by a group of tourism experts in Iran and Austria. We joined together to provide what is missing in the field. On the one hand, we are an Iranian local tour operator, so travelers would benefit from working with locals. On the other hand, our Austrian parent organization enables us to provide you with EU-standard services.
Discover Iran with IranAmaze

We are an Iranian tour operator committed to responsibly take you on a journey through the unknown mysteries of Iran. The story of our journeys goes back to 2004 when we began our expedition to all around Iran. The more we saw, the more we wanted to discover. We wanted to discover the hidden gems and wonders our ancestors have left behind. Back then, we were just adventure seekers who wished to make our dreams come true.
After a while, we realized how the image portrayed of Iran in the mass media was false even in our own eyes. It made us eager to introduce the unheard narratives of Iran to others. We wanted everyone to get to know the rich culture, history and local life of Iran not just by telling them about it but by experiencing it through their own lenses. We want to show some of the most ancient and magnificent wonders of the world to you, which might change your life forever.

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