Put Your Favorite Photo & Graphics on Custom Image Roller Shades

Put Your Favorite Photo & Graphics on Custom Image Roller Shades ...
artemisia.ir 06/02/2015 Commercial

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Curtains.ir window shades reflect light and heat from the sun, reducing the amount of energy required to cool the building.

How about Roller Blinds, Curtains, Shades matching your Oriental Persian Carpets?

* * * Motorized window shades can automatically adjust to compensate for the changing shade requirements throughout the day.

Use different images on several shades for sequential windows

* * * Solar Control.
In addition, shades can reduce or eliminate uncomfortable glare for workers, while still allowing ambient sun lighting and view-through to the outside.

Let your imagination soar with our custom graphic shades!

* * * Environment Friendly.
The construction of window shades has become friendlier to the environment as well by including PVC-free fabrics and lean manufacturing processes. Iran curtains is an internal decoration consulting firm working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work.

Curtains.ir can perform your next Multi-Tier projects. Expand custom large images into multiple roller shades.

* * * The Most Operator Options.
Iran Curtains offers the broadest variety of operator styles in the industry. Options include bead chain clutch, crank, spring roller, and motorized roller-operated shades.

Iran Curtains’ Customized Motivational Graphic Shades can boost your energy giving you the ability to add serenity to your workout rooms, gymnasium, dancing classes, etc.

* * * Unmatched Fabric Choices.
Curtains.ir spectrum of fabric colors and styles is unmatched. Woven mesh fabrics offer protection from heat, glare and UV rays, while maintaining the view. Soft translucent textiles offer designer appeal. And our opaque fabrics eliminate all visible light. Combine them with a Light-Block System, and you will achieve total blackout. All fabrics are fire retardant.

Iran Curtains’ Customized portraits and full-size posters of models, celebrities, famous people. Use these custom graphic shades instead of doll shapes.

* * *
Curtains.ir brings the Beauty of Nature on your window. Live Four Seasons: Spring, summer, autumn, and Winter in your living room. Host beautiful birds, cats, butterflies, trees and flowers in your home.

* * * Custom Shading
Custom Built. Each Roller Shade product is built to order. Fabric, hardware and operating mechanisms are specified to satisfy functional and aesthetic criteria - Draper builds each unit for an exacting fit.

Express yourself with Iran Curtains: Show off your interests, hobby, and talents with custom graphic shades

* * * Custom graphic shades can complement existing design elements within a room, establish new spaces, or refresh a boring landscape view. The possibilities are truly endless! You supply the image, we'll print it on a roller or cellular shade.

Custom graphic Roller shades are great for showrooms, galleries. Iran Curtains prevent light and heat from entering.

* * * Custom Graphic Shades open up a world of possibilities. Reproduce your favorite paintings, photographs, drawings - just about any graphic you can provide - on your window treatments.

Curtains.ir Custom image Roller shades add thematic images to internet cafés, fast-food restaurants, and coffee-shop windows

* * * Simply email us the design you want on your shade and we’ll format the size, color and quality to proper scale for your shade. We’ll contact you with a proof for you to approve before we send anything to be crafted.

Iran curtains performs multi-purpose double sided blinds and shades. Double up efficiency with light- and heat-blocking shades while advertising with storefront signage.

* * * Our shades are printed on-demand on your choice of two fabrics: light filtering or blackout fabric. You can customize your shade further with your choice of control options, such as motorized lift for safe and easy operation, or add a valance for a finished look.

Custom shade with a chalkboard graphic to complete a room with chalkboard painted walls

* * * Virtually anything you imagine can be featured on Iran Curtains Custom Graphic Shades to enhance and enliven your home or business.

Use any image - even your own photo or artwork!

* * * With curtains.ir Custom Graphic Shades, you're the designer. The design possibilities are endless. You can print literally any image on these roller shades, from personal photos and theme room graphics to logos and advertisements for a store front. Virtually anything you envision can be featured.

Print your business logo and other signage on a custom shade

* * * Color Blinds by Iran Curtains are functional vertical blinds that create the look of blown glass. Abstract designs, solid colors.
Your Favorite Photo & Graphics on Custom Image Roller Shades
Have the picture of your favorite character, hero, role-model on your roller-shades to express yourself

First Female Achaemenid Admiral Artemisia Commanding the Iranian Fleet

* * * Call us today for free consultation: +982144297824
Check out all options:

A Picture Roller-Shades Photo-Blinds for Jino Boutique Produced in our Pardis workshop

* * * ------

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