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Free Refrigerator Magnet: Embossed Achaemenid Soldier of Perspolis ... 28/02/2015 Commercial

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Good News!
A special Norooz Gift for all buyers. Limited edition of Embossed Achaemenid Soldier of Perspolis, souvenir from the glorious Achaemenid architecture.
From the Apadana Palace, northern stairways, a Persian spear-man in traditional costume
Details of the Persepolis reliefs are depicted as one can note the symbolic scenes of lions attacking bulls, accompanied by two groups of Persian soldiers protecting (symbolically in this case) the infrastructure above.
Achaemenid architecture (Persian: معماری هخامنشیان) refers to the architectural achievements of the Achaemenid Persians manifesting in construction of spectacular cities used for governance and inhabitation (Persepolis, Susa, Ecbatana), temples made for worship and social gatherings (such as Zoroastrian temples), and mausoleums erected in honor of fallen kings (such as the burial tomb of Cyrus the Great). The quintessential feature of Persian architecture was its eclectic nature with elements of Median, Assyrian, and Asiatic Greek all incorporated, yet maintaining a unique Persian identity seen in the finished product. Achaemenid architecture is academically classified under Parsian Architecture in terms of its style and design.

Persepolis reliefs depicting in this view, Achaemenid soldiers facing each other and protecting the palace above

chaemenid architectural heritage, beginning with the expansion of the empire around 550 B.C.E., was a period of artistic growth that left an extraordinary architectural legacy ranging from Cyrus the Great's solemn tomb in Pasargadae to the splendid structures of the opulent city of Persepolis. With the advent of the second Persian Empire, the Sassanid dynasty (224-624 C.E.), revived Achaemenid tradition by construction of temples dedicated to fire, and monumental palaces.

Relief from Apadana hall at Persepolis showing Median and Persian soldiers. Note the subtle differences in the clothing and style of the soldiers on each side

erhaps the most striking extant structures to date are the ruins of Persepolis, a once opulent city established by the Achaemenid king, Darius the Great for governmental and ceremonial functions, and also acting as one of the empire's four capitals. Persepolis, would take 100 years to complete and would finally be ransacked and burnt by the troops of Alexander the Great in 330 B.C.E. Similar architectural infrastructures were also erected at Susa and Ecbatana by Darius the Great, serving similar functions as Persepolis, such as reception of foreign dignitaries and delegates, performance of imperial ceremonies and duties, and also housing the kings.

Terra-cotta frieze of the Apadana of Susa, depicting an Achaemenid soldier. Note the intricate clothing details, and lively coloration of the piece

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