How Iranian Military Helps Oppressed Civilians in Syria, Iraq

How Iranian Military Helps Oppressed Civilians in Syria, Iraq... 30/05/2016 Military

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Chief of the elite military Special Forces of the Revolutionary GuardsQuds,” General Ghasem Soleimani, said that if the Islamic Republic of Iran had not helped the Syrian army, Daesh would be ruling the whole territory of Syria today.
“Today, the US has been forced to abandon their goals. Despite strong pressure Sunnis, Shiites and Iraqi Kurds prefer to be with Iran and are proud of this friendship.
Today, without a doubt, the Islamic Republic of Iran has emerged victorious on many fronts, somewhere, perhaps Iran's role was not that rich and bright, but in general it is false logic of the enemy that has become cause of failure,” Iranian media quoted Gen. Soleimani as saying.
Talking about the Iranian military advisers and their successful operations on Syrian and Iraqi fronts, IRGC military correspondent of “Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran,”
Hassan Shemshadi told Sputnik that since the advent of Daesh in different regions of Syria, Iranian military advisers have been invited by the government of that country to provide consultative and military assistance to the commanders and officers of the Syrian army.
Shemshadi further said, “they were also involved in teaching the tactics of fighting in difficult situations. Our military advisers and soldiers of the Defenders of Shrines’ side by side with the Syrian government forces and the commanders of the People's Militia forces participated in the liberation of a number of cities. Among them were the operations for the liberation of the north-western and southern areas of Aleppo province, Damascus suburbs, Homs, Hama and Latakia northern areas of the province.”
A similar situation was seen in Iraq two years ago when Daesh terrorists and other groups occupied vast areas of Mosul, al-Ramadi, al-Anbar and al-Fallujah. “Iranian military have supported the Iraqi army to prevent further escalation of the conflict and promotion of terrorists into the neighboring territory. Successful attempts were made to oust them from the occupied territories,” Shemshadi said.
“Let us also remember, as the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, has repeatedly stressed that if there were no Iranian military advisers, and if not for the help of Iran, it would have fallen like Erbil Mosul,” the analyst added.
“Iran, Syria and Iraq are allies on security issues. The presence of our military advisors over the past five years in Syria and two years in Iraq — is only a request and will of the legitimate governments of these countries. According to the Iranian constitution, wherever there is a need to protect the oppressed nations against the aggressors,
Iran's military forces have the right to arrive on the territory of these countries, if requested by the authorities.”
The analyst further noted that one should not forget terrorism cannot be won only by loud statements or slogans.
“Demonstrative alleged attacks by the international coalition under US leadership did not yield any results. If they had been effective, today in Syria and Iraq there would be no trace of Daesh. While the US claims that fight against Daesh in Syria and Iraq, it costs them tens of thousands of dollars every day.”
The role of Iran in fight against terrorism is recognized by all the religious and ethnic groups of these countries.

---Chief of the elite military Special Forces of the Revolutionary Guards “Quds,” General Ghasem Soleimani, said that if the Islamic Republic of Iran had not helped the Syrian army, Daesh would be ruling the whole territory of Syria today. ---

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