Iran beach wrestlers 1st in world bouts

Iran beach wrestlers 1st in world bouts ... 08/06/2016 Sports

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Iran’s junior and senior beach wrestlers pose for a photograph at the 2016 Beach Wrestling World Championships in Fazana, Croatia, June 5, 2016.

* * * Senior Iranian beach wrestlers have collected four gold medals and ranked first at the 2016 Beach Wrestling World Championships in Croatia.
Mohammad Naderi recorded awe-inspiring performances in the 70-kilogram, and prevailed over a contestant from Greece 3-1 to clinch the gold medal of the weight division in Croatia’s western coastal town of Fazana on Sunday evening.
In the 80-kilogram weight class, Payman Heidari downed a Russian beach wrestler 4-1 in the final encounter and picked up the second gold for Iran.
Mohammad Sadati aced in the 90-kilogram weight section, winning the gold medal.
Additionally, Iran’s Jaber Sadeghzadeh received a gold medal in the over 90-kilogram weight category.
Earlier on Saturday, Iran’s Reza Aghajani downed an opponent from Estonia in the final bout of the junior 70-kilogram category, and claimed a beach wrestling gold medal.
Heidari also overwhelmed a contestant from Norway in the final bout of 80-kilogram class, winning a gold medal for Iran.
Moreover, Mohsen Seir overwhelmed his Croat opponent in the final competition of the over 80-kiloram class, and was awarded the gold medal.
The 2016 Beach Wrestling World Championships started in Fazana, Croatia, on June 3, and wrapped up on June 5.

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