Iran-Turkey five-month trade reaches almost $4b

Iran-Turkey five-month trade reaches almost $4b... 11/07/2016 Import-Export

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Ankara, July 11, IRNAIran-Ankara trade exchange reached $3,957,935,000 in the first five months of 2016.
The volume of trade exchange between Iran and Turkey reached $1,026,395,000 in May, 2016.
Turkey's exports to Iran in May 2016, with a 64.2% growth, reached from $409,826,000 to $672,890,000 compared to previous year.
In April, 2016 Turkey's exports to Iran, with 104% rise compared to the previous year, increased from $274,877,000 to $560,699,000.
Turkey's imports from Iran, having 42.6% fall, reached from $615,454,000 to $353,505,000 in May 2016.
Based on five-month trade statistics, Turkey's exports to Iran had a 35.5% rise while its imports from Iran had a 38.5% fall compared to the previous year.
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