Turkish ICT Giant Turkcell Signing Multiple Deals With Iran

Turkish ICT Giant Turkcell Signing Multiple Deals With Iran...
techrasa.com 12/09/2016 Economy

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A business delegation from the famous Turkish mobile operating network Turkcell has been present in Iran for the Iran Connect conference to sign multiple deals with Iran.
During the Iran Connect conference the CEO of Turkcell had multiple meetings with the CEO of Iran’s Communication Infrastructure Company as well as Iran’s Minister of Communication and Technology, according to ITmen. The topic of Iran becoming an internet transit has been a hot talk of late. During the conference, Iranian officials have expressed interest for foreign investments and cooperations in landline connectivity.
A deal has been signed between Iran and Turkey to create a connection line between Iran and Turkey from the Persian Gulf region, in case of sudden disconnection from the sea lines in the Suez canals. Iran’s strategic geographical location could be an ideal substitute for the current critical sea lines existing now.
On another topic, the CEO of Turkcell also expressed the companies interest in providing additional services to Iranians with their BIP service. BIP is a mobile messaging app for Turkcell users in Turkey which is considered as one of the top three used messaging apps in Turkey. “Currently around 45 thousand Iranians are using the app and Turkcell is capable of developing a Farsi version of the app, and moving the data servers to Iran for the Iranian users,” announced the CEO of Turkcell during the Iran Connect conference in Tehran.
Currently Telegram is the dominant messaging app in Iran following up with multiple different apps. There has also been talks to negotiate with Telegram to move its servers to Iran for Iranian users which is still waiting for a response. Messaging apps which move their servers to Iran will be privileged with support from the Iranian government which still would not guarantee that app’s success in Iran.
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