Historical Iran: Arch/Tagh-e Shah Abbasi

Historical Iran: Arch/Tagh-e Shah Abbasi...
en.kalouttravel.com 12/09/2016 History

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Shah Abbasi Arc Tabas, Safavid era Dam in South Khorasan Province of Iran

* * * Arch/Tagh-e Shah Abbasi, also known as Shah Abbasi Dam, is probably the most spectacular site of Kharv village; the hand-made brick body & stone crown of which has been placed among the east mounts of Tabas.
This Arch with 60 meters height, not only bears the name of the oldest & biggest Arch Dams of the world, but also over 550 years has been known as the world highest one.
Due to its one meter width of the crown, Shah Abbasi Dam also bears another name; of which none of the world's have been acclaimed yet: the world thinnest dam.
To visit this structure, you need to travel to 700-year old village of Kharv, 27 km from Tabas, right somewhere on the neighboring of Morteza Ali Spring.
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