Dana Insurance works with UNDP in Asiatic Cheetah Project

Dana Insurance works with UNDP in Asiatic Cheetah Project ...
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News ID: 3788907 - Thu 6 October 2016 - 17:53
TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) – Dana Insurance Co. has made its second installment of contribution to ambitious project to protect one of the most valuable large cats, Asiatic Cheetah.
“Today is an important day for a beautiful creature with whom we share this country. We have gathered here to strengthen our partnership by receiving a second generous contribution from Dana Insurance. This second contribution of $ 2860 validates Dana’s position as the foremost national conservation champion in Iran and will mark yet another milestone in the implementation of the Conservation of the Asiatic cheetah Project,” said Ms. Anne Marie Sloth Carlsen, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative.
The agreement between UNDP and Dana Insurance Company activated a form of insurance coverage provided by Dana which mitigates threats to cheetahs by providing much-needed funding for the implementation of critical aspects of the project’s work-plan activities.
Specifically, Dana Insurance will provide up to $ 14,000 to the project each time a cheetah is killed in road accidents or by herder dogs. Then that money will go into the project and will be used to reduce the threats which killed the cheetahs in the first place.
“While UNDP has contributed to Phase 2 of the project during the last 8 years with funding of US$ 843,000, we have extended our existing contribution for 2016 by an additional funding of $47,000 from UNDP resources,” Ms. Carlsen added. She counted 126 Department of Environment (DoE) game guards who are working across 10 cheetah habitats all over Iran and risking their lives every day to protect this precious animal. As a part of its contribution, Dana Insurance has insured these game guards and their families.
UNDP Deputy Resident Representative also added that “without national champions we cannot move these efforts and we cannot succeed with them. Dana Insurance has really shown to be a national champion.” Dr. Bijan Sadegh, Managing Director and CEO of Dana Insurance Company, also addressed briefly the event. “Dana Insurance has joined this project as a part of its role regarding corporate social responsibility. Our goal is to prevent incidents in which cheetahs are harmed and move towards saving this endangered animal from extinction.”
“During the past three years we have contributed $ 57,000 to the Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah Project,” he asserted. Dr. Sadegh concluded by saying that he and his team were pleased to be involved in helping to save this endangered species. Mr. Houman Jowkar, National Project Manager at DoE briefed the audience on how the project has spent the contribution from Dana Insurance for the closing part of the event.
The Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah is a long standing project between Iran’s Department of Environment, UNDP and a number of committed national and international partners, ongoing for almost 15 years. During this time these partners have joined forces to save these emblematic cats.
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