Islamic State Yazidi sex slaves ‘sold in horrifying auctions to Saudi Arabia’

Islamic State Yazidi sex slaves ‘sold in horrifying auctions to Saudi Arabia’... 14/10/2016 Military

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LONDON,— SEX slaves captured by Islamic State group (IS) militants are being sold at sickening auctions in Saudi Arabia – a key UK ally – Sun Online has been told.
The horrifying discovery was unveiled when a jihadi was killed in fighting at the town of Al-Shirqat, which was taken over by the IS group in 2014.
Members of the Iraqi Shiite Popular Mobilisation Units, a state-sponsored militia fighting to liberate the town, recovered his mobile phone and found a picture of a Kurdish Yazidi sex slave market taken in Saudi Arabia.
The Arab nation is part of the international coalition fighting Islamic State alongside the UK and US but wealthy Saudis have been accused of sponsoring the IS group for years.
Britain also sells weapons to Saudi Arabia, despite concerns the hardline Muslim nation is committing war crimes in Yemen – and it “seems inevitable” they involve UK weapons according to a report leaked earlier this month.
The kingdom has also faced numerous accusations of human rights abuses, including torture, degrading punishments and savage executions.
A spokesman for the PMU told Sun Online: “Our investigation officer was appalled at the set of images involving what we believe to be an Iraqi Yazidi (an ethnic minority in the region) woman taken as sex slave.
“Images were of the auction in Saudi Arabia of the woman and sexually explicit materials of the fighter and the woman in a hotel.
“Location data was observed on the image file as enabled by default on many smart phones.
“Further images involved IS members in Iraqi areas occupied by IS including Mosul and Baiji which indicates this fighter has been with IS for a long period of time as Baiji was liberated by us months ago.”
The fighters are now desperately trying to track down the woman’s family and launch a rescue attempt.
“We are engaging with our Yazidi members to find the family of the woman, location and health status,” the spokesman added.
“We hope to liberate her and all Iraqi women taken as sexual slaves by IS within Iraq or outside of Iraq as their basic human rights are being denied.
“We cannot allow this, as the force dedicated to the defence of Iraqi citizens.”
Sadly, it is not the first time the accusation that IS sells rape victims to Saudi Arabians has emerged.
An 18-year-old Kurdish Yazidi sex slave who escaped IS claims she was sold in an international auction.
The teenager, Jinan, was abducted from her village in Northern Iraq last year when IS troops stormed her village and took her prisoner before torturing and sexually abusing her and the other captives in the terror group’s stronghold of Mosul.
She said said dozens of women were being held in a large room, and it was not only Iraqis and Syrians trading women but also Saudis and Westerners, whose actual nationality was not clear.
Potential buyers, she wrote in her book ‘Daesh’s Slave’ would inspect the women “like livestock”.
The Saudi Ministry of Justice has been approached for a comment.
Islamic State group has captured most parts of the Yazidi Sinjar district in northwest Iraq on August 3, 2014 which led thousands of Kurdish families to flee to Mount Sinjar, where they were trapped in it and suffered from significant lack of water and food, killing and abduction of thousands of Yazidis as well as rape and captivity of thousands of women.
Those who stay behind are subjected to brutal, genocidal acts: thousands killed, hundreds buried alive, and countless acts of rape, kidnapping and enslavement are perpetuated against Yazidi women. To add insult to injury, IS fighters ransack and destroy ancient Yazidi holy sites.
According to Human Rights organizations, thousands of Yazidi Kurdish women and girls have been forced to marry or been sold into sexual slavery by the IS jihadists.
A Yazidi member of Iraqi parliament Vian Dakhil, said in August that 3,770 Kurdish Yazidi women and children still in Islamic State captivity.
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