Iran Air Show kicks off In Kish Island

Iran Air Show kicks off In Kish Island... 16/11/2016 Auto

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Kish, Hormuzgan prov, Nov 16, IRNA – The 8th Iran Air Show aiming at presenting aviation and aerospace industries capabilities and introducing the latest aviation achievements and technologies started work on Nov 16 in the Persian Gulf Kish Island.
[Iran Air Show kicks off In Kish Island]

* * * The opening ceremony of the event was held in the presence of Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan, Head of Civil Aviation Organization of Iran Ali Abedzadeh, Kish Free Zone Organization Managing Director Ali Asghar Moonesan, deputies of the Ministry of Road and Urban Development, ambassadors of Senegal and Russia, and heads of aviation firms and some other officials.
Over 100 domestic firms from aviation and aerospace organizations, institutions, research centers, universities and higher education centers and production companies and foreign firms from Germany, Russia, Italy, England, Japan, Poland, Latvia, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, France and Ukraine participated in the event.
The event is being held in two sections of exhibition and air show.
In exhibition section, potentials of aviation industry, knowledge-based firms, and air plane parts designers is shown while in air show section, fans will see aircraft flying in the sky.
The sub-events consist of unveiling some innovative and knowledge-based plans, holding a meeting on Iran-Russia cooperation, holding Aerospace National Day and workshop.
The event is supported by Kish Free Zone Organization, Ministry of Defense, Iran Aviation Industries Organization, Iran Civil Aviation Organization, Iranian Airports Holding Company (IAC), The Airline of Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran Air) and Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology.
The 8th International Iran Air Show will be underway until Nov 19 in Kish International Exhibitions Center.
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