Over 20 million faithful start Najaf-to-Karbala march

Over 20 million faithful start Najaf-to-Karbala march ...
thenews.com.pk 19/11/2016 Culture

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By Mehtab Haider
November 19, 2016
NAJAF (Iraq): More than 20 million people, belonging to different parts of the world, are participating in Arbaeen March on foot from Najaf to Karbala, about 83 kilometers distance, in a bid to commemorate 40th day of martyrdom of grandson of Hazarat Mohammad (PBUH) Imam Hussain (AS) here at Karbala.
The Arbaeen (40th day) is celebrated by Shiite Muslims every year as Imam Hussain (AS) and his family members were martyred on the order of Yazeed by his army over 1400 years ago at Karbala. The organisers said that these processions were aimed at remembering great sacrifices of Imam Hussain (AS), his family members and followers in the way of Islam.
The millions of people participating in this Arbaeen March are mainly from Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Bahrain, Lebanon, Yemen, European countries, USA, Canada and many other countries and have gathered in this event of “Mashi” (Arabic word) meaning walking from Najaf to Karbala.
“Millions are proceeding towards Karbala to regain spiritual strength and remind the world that Imam Hussain (AS) teaches us lesson to get the world free from shackles of tyrants,” said Mustafa hailing from Iran who was one of the participants during the Arbaeen March here on Thursday.
This scribe even witnessed many disabled persons including men and women who are participating in Arbaeen March in order to pay rich tributes to the sacrifices rendered by Imam Hussain (AS) and his family members for protecting Islam.
The marchers’ age ranging from 6 months kids to 80 years old men, women and youth are going to walk for three to five days to reach Karbala on site of shrine of Imam Hussain (AS) and all these marchers would be reaching on 20th Safar (month of Islamic calendar) which will be falling on coming Monday.
To guide the marchers, different organisations have established Mukaab (service centers) for serving marchers as it was unique experience that on every 50 feet they installed toilets, place for offering prayers and even furnished rooms with blankets for taking rests.
There are 1458 Amoods (street light pillars) installed on the route of marchers from Najaf to Karbala where Iraqi people demonstrating their generosity have installed camps to provide all kinds of services including foods such as Kabab, rice, roti, sweets, juices, dates, dry fruits, drinking water and many other things. In these camps even massage services, shoe polishing, sewing of torn clothes or shoulder bags etc were provided free of cost to Zaireen.
“Please come into our camp as we want to serve you,” said one organiser who had established Al-Qaim center on the course of marchers.
There were hundreds of small girls sitting on the routes of marchers for giving tissue papers and some kids were spraying different perfumes for ensuring fragrance.
The Wi-Fi services were also provided to marchers but its working was very slow due to usage of millions of participants of the march.
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