Exhibit exposes Iranian culture to NCC audience

Exhibit exposes Iranian culture to NCC audience ...
chicagotribune.com 08/12/2016 Arts

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An exhibition of Iranian artist Sarvin Haghighi’s work runs Dec. 17 to Jan. 29 at North Central College’s Schoenherr Art Gallery in Naperville. (North Central College / Handout)
By Jen Banowetz Naperville Sun
By combining traditional Iranian art forms with a modern style and mixed media, artist Sarvin Haghighi showcases the beauty of her homeland.
An exhibition of Haghighi's work will be on display until Jan. 29 at North Central College's Schoenherr Art Gallery, 171 E. Chicago Ave. in Naperville. The exhibit is free and open to the public.
"'Underneath my skin' is a visual representation of my culture the way I have experienced it," Haghighi explained. "In my pieces, I try to merge traditional Persian designs with a contemporary twist, and by adding in parts of Rumi's poetry and also colors seen in Persian rugs, I aim to create a piece that is not only visually interesting but also starts a dialogue."
To that point, this exhibit's conversation begins with love, literally, with the word "Love" written in Farsi calligraphy on the entrance wall "to let the viewers experience the power of this word" as they enter the gallery.
"As a woman born in Iran, who has chosen to call Chicago home, the elements of my works speak to a hybrid reality," Haghighi said. "My work is grounded in traditional Iranian customs yet bear a distinct overlay of the modern world, and that is hopefully what is reflected in my pieces as well."
While Haghighi was born and raised in Tehran, she moved to Dubai in 2006 and the United States in 2013. Her work reflects her unique background.
"The theme goes back to the culture I grew up with, the experiences, the challenges and joys I've faced throughout my journey," she said. "With my pieces I hope to make a small difference and close the cultural gap, change the perception about where I come from and showcase the beautiful parts of my culture and country."
Currently Haghighi is a Resident Artist at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.
"Most of my inspirations come from my personal experiences," she said. "Nostalgic memories of my beloved Iran remind me who I am and fortify my sense of cultural pride in a land that all too often depicts a most disconcerting and often polar-opposite reflection of my cherished motherland."
While many perceive Iran as a place of war and political turmoil, Haghighi hopes her exhibit allows visitors to experience the richness and beauty of Iranian culture.
"I truly hope viewing my works will encourage viewers to want to know more," she said. "To show that at the end of the day no matter where we grow up and what backgrounds we have, most of us have similar beliefs and values."
She said that every exhibition she does is unique and interesting in its own way.
"For me, the most interesting part is the viewers, as every location brings in a different crowd every time," she said. "To me, seeing their reaction and their opinion of the show is the most amazing part."
An artist reception will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Dec. 16 in the Wentz lobby, adjacent to the gallery.
Jen Banowetz is a freelance writer.
Sarvin Haghighi Exhibit
When: Dec. 17 to Jan. 29
Where: North Central College's Schoenherr Art Gallery, 171 E. Chicago Ave. in Naperville
Tickets: Free
http://finearts.northcentralcollege.edu /

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