Aleppo Liberated: Washington Post Finally Admits “Rebels” Invaded Syria – It was not an Uprising

Aleppo Liberated: Washington Post Finally Admits “Rebels” Invaded Syria – It was not an Uprising ... 15/12/2016 Military

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By Tony Cartalucci
Land Destroyer 14 December 2016
For months as terrorists backed by the United States, Turkey, and their Persian Gulf allies lost significant ground to the Syrian Arab Army in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo, the battle was characterized by the Western media and Western politicians as a brutal assault on the city’s residents – the extinguishing of a 6 year-long uprising.
However, in reality, that was never the case. And this reality is something careful readers will note even if they read the latest from one of the most prominent sources of pro-terrorist propaganda, the Washington Post.
In their article, “Endgame in Aleppo, the most decisive battle yet in Syria’s war,” they admit (emphasis added):
When Syrian rebels surged into Aleppo in the summer of 2012, it was the high point of their still young, still idealistic revolution against President Bashar al-Assad.
Four and a half years and hundreds of thousands of deaths later, troops loyal to his government were poised on Tuesday to take the city back, heralding the end of an era for the rebellion.
The Washington Post also demolishes another widely repeated lie regarding Aleppo – claims that a quarter of a million people remained in “rebel-held” eastern Aleppo. The Washington Post now claims (emphasis added):
Last-minute diplomacy to rescue the tens of thousands of people trapped by the fighting or because they fear being detained by loyalist forces generated a deal brokered by Russia and Turkey on Tuesday to evacuate the last rebel-controlled enclave.
“Tens of thousand” is a far cry from “the quarter of a million” lie repeatedly told by the Western media, including by the Washington Post itself in articles like, “More than 250,000 in Eastern Aleppo could die after the next 20 days.”
Just as the Washington Post did in Libya, and Iraq before that, it ceaselessly worked not to inform the public, but to intentionally misinform them, part of a wider campaign to sell war to the West and justify direct military intervention to topple governments impeding Wall Street and Washington’s global hegemonic expansion in the decades following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The Washington Post’s first-sentence admission that Aleppo was never the scene of an uprising, but rather the host of an invasion lays bare all the lies that have been told since to justify the city’s occupation by groups of terrorists including US State Department-designated foreign terrorist organization Jabhat Al Nusra – quite literally Al Qaeda in Syria and progenitor of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” itself.
With the city of Aleppo now fully liberated, it is important for the alternative media to catch these lies and the Western media’s retrospective admissions to telling them, in order to maintain momentum in favor of the Syrian people as they attempt to restore security and order across their nation.
With many terrorist groups retreating to the dysfunctional and diminutive city of Idlib in the north, or surging forth toward Palmyra in the east, pivotal battles still remain to be won by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies. Many of the same lies and intentional mischaracterizations used to sell the occupation of Aleppo and fend off the city’s liberation will undoubtedly be used again. It is essential to make sure when these tools of deception are used again, they are sufficiently blunted by informing the public of the truth – a truth the West’s own admissions reveals.
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