Merry Christmas: Muslim & Jewish Singers unite in Celebration of Faith

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Hallelujah Iranian pop singer Ebi (Ebrahim Hamedi) and Liel Kolet a singer/songwriter and a peace advocate from Israel sing a Christmas song called I can hear Christmas.
Download the song here:
Ebi and Liel Kolet I Can Hear Christmas

* * * Lyrics & Persian translation are presented below:
When the snow comes falling down,
It Brings us loving hilly
And trees are growing now again
Even stronger than before
Lights are turning on inside
and I can get the feeling
That on the special day, our hearts will open even more
Mary Christmas lights are shining bright
Together we can find a way through the darkest night
Merry Christmas ، We dont want to hold the key
to send the pray around the world to let hearts be free
I can hear the Christmas bells
But we don’t need a reason to feel the bless and nights like this
to share the joy with you
Winter mind have just become my world and only season to stay awake to see
my Christmas wish come true
Merry Christmas , Lights are shinning bright
Together we can find the way through the darkest night
Merry Christmas, We dont want to hold the key
to send the pray around the world to let hearts be free
♥ ♥

وقتی دونه های برف پایین می آیند
یک تپه ی پر از عشق را برامون ارمغان می آورند
و درختان دوباره رشد می کنند و چراغها بینشان روشن می شود
و من حس میکنم که در یک روز خاص قلبهای ما بیش از هر روز دیگری گشایش می یابد
کریسمس مبارک چراغها در حال درخشش هستند
ما میتونیم به کمک هم راهی را در تاریک ترین شب ها پیدا کنیم
کریسمس مبارک ما آن چراغها را خاموش نخواهیم کرد
تا دعامونو به همه ی دنیا بفرستیم و قلبهامون آزاد بشوند
من میتونم صدای زنگ کریسمس را بشنوم
اما ما نیاز نداریم که برای حس کردن برکت و داشتن شبی مثل امشب برای شاد بودن دنبال دلیل باشیم
زمستون و افکارش وارد دنیای من شد
تنها فصلی که به خاطرش شب را بیدار می مانم
تا شاهد بر آورده شدن آرزوهای کریسمسم باشم
کریسمس مبارک چراغها در حال درخشش هستند
ما میتونیم به کمک هم راهی را در تاریک ترین شب ها پیدا کنیم
کریسمس مبارک ما آن چراغها را خاموش نخواهیم کرد
تا دعامونو به همه ی دنیا بفرستیم و قلبهامون آزاد بشوند
Liel Kolet is an international singer, songwriter and a peace advocate, born on 11 July 1989 to Jewish Israeli parents on Kibbutz Kinneret where she grew up in a very special atmosphere and lived a very simple life.
At age 11, Liel won a talent contest in Israel called Bravo, performing a song originally sung by Israeli singer Ofra Haza called "Leorech Hayam".
After winning the national contest she was sent to represent Israel in the European talent contest Bravo Bravissimo, where she also won. This performance touched many people among Liel's soon to be manager who was also captured by her mesmerizing performance and shortly after decided to sign her and develop Liel's career. At the age 13 she recorded her first album, Daughter of the Kinneret, which was released in Israel and was her first of many studio albums to come. It included songs such as "Prayer", "Eyfo Ata Achi" (Where Are You Now My Brother), a song dedicated to families whose lost sons to Israel's wars, and "Don't Be a Hero", a duet with Sasi Buganim. It also included her first ever song in English called; "Find it in Me", which has been added to the album as a separate single.
When Liel was only 14 she was invited to perform at the 80th birthday celebration of president Shimon Peres where she made a very bold move and invited President Bill Clinton to join her on stage and sing along to John Lennon's "Imagine" with a choir of 40 Jewish and 40 Muslim children. This powerful and touching performance made a strong impact and the video became viral. The clip has been shown on major TV shows and channels all over the globe such as; CNN, BBC FOX NEWS etc. This was Liel's first step into the International music scene, making her a “highly sought after personality” for royal events, peace concerts and charity events throughout the world.
A year later Liel began to work with German producer Jack White who produced her first international record called Simply Me. Kolet promoted the album by performing on some of the biggest TV shows in Germany such as; Verstehen Sie Spass?, Ein Herz für Kinder and many more. Later on she received the German Radio Award for her work to promote peace and support children in need around the world. At a 2006 aid concert for tsunami victims in Berlin, Liel performed "Imagine" again, but this time with the Scorpions' lead singer Klaus Meine who joined her for an impromptu duet.
The two clicked immediately, and shortly after, Meine invited her to perform with him. Together they recorded five duets, including a special version of "Send Me an Angel", which became a big hit and ended up on her album, a special version of David D'or's song, "Tishmor al HaOlam Yeled" ("Keep the World Child"), and a new song which Meine wrote for Liel, "Bigger Than Life". Together, they also performed one of the most well-known Israeli songs, written by one of the best-known poets and songwriters of Israel, Naomi Shemer : "Jerusalem of Gold".
In 2006 Liel released her first international album- "Unison" which can be described as a blend of pop-classical songs with a touch of ethnic flavors. Sung in both English and Spanish, it was also released in Mexico where she appeared on some of the biggest TV shows such as The Telethon as well as on various radio shows and even the news. Liel sold over 40,000 copies in Mexico City Only.
After gaining recognition in Europe, Liel was approached by leading producer Ralph Siegel who asked her to represent Switzerland in the biggest song contest in the world; Eurovision Song Contest , as part of an international group called Six4one, a group formed of different singers from different nationalities who came together to support the message of peace and unity.
In 2007 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert nominated Liel as Official Ambassador for Northern Israel. She has also serves as official ambassador for The Peres Center for Peace, Sheba Medical Center, Children’s Hospital and international peace organizations Seeds of Peace and Children of Peace
In 2008, Liel performed at the 10th anniversary of the Peres Center for Peace. Leading the musical part of the evening, her most memorable moment was when she sang a duet with Andrea Bocelli called "Ray of Hope" which was written by Shimon Peres and composed by Kolet.
In 2009, Liel released her sophomore album, “Be Free,” of pop-classical songs and strong ballads, containing some of her own writing. The album featured collaborations some of the biggest names in the music industry including Patti LaBelle whom she recorded a duet with, called; "For The Love Of God' , as well as a special live performance with legendary Jazz musician Herbie Hancock ; performing a cover of " What a Wonderful World". She released her album titled "Be Free" in Israel, Europe and Mexico.
On October 9 2012, Liel took part in an historic international event honoring the Dalai Lama. Performing before the world media at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York, Liel sang for the Dalai Lama and appeared alongside Dave Matthews Band, Whoopi Goldberg, David Crosby and other international stars.
In 2013 Liel received The Eagle of peace award, acknowledging her humanitarian work to promote peace through her music, at the same event she performed her song with the Iranian superstar- Ebi called ; "I Can Hear Christmas" . A unique collaboration between the biggest Iranian superstar and a Jewish International singer, who came together to send a message of peace and harmony by singing a duet for Christmas and sending a message of love and unity between all religions. The song has been produced by the Grammy Award Winner producer Humberto Gatica. The story was featured on many international channels as well as on Reuters.
During that year she also had her first PBS special aired in the United States, called ‘My journey to Peace’. The special was broadcast throughout the country and brought Liel's story into the homes of the American People, sharing her continuous mission to use her voice to promote peace, alongside performances from stages around the globe. Following the PBS special, Liel toured in the east coast.
Ebi is a Persian artist hailing from LA. He was born in Tehran, the eldest of six siblings. During a series of planned concerts in the United States, Ebi, due to the revolution of 1979.
He left Iran before the Islamic Revolution;. He has performed his Iranian nationalistic song "Persian Gulf" that makes reference to the Iranian stand in the Persian Gulf naming dispute. Among other "politically charged" songs, Tasmim critically addressed the very controversial 2009 presidential election.
Throughout his 50-year career, Ebi has released over 20 albums, and closer to 100 singles, performed sold out shows across the world, and continuously released an endless string of hits.
He lives in Marbella, Spain, although he also spends time in Los Angeles. Ebi has 3 daughters from his previous marriage, and a stepson from his current.
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