Cyminology blends Persian rhythms with jazz

Cyminology blends Persian rhythms with jazz ... 24/01/2017 Fun

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Blending literature and contemporary music successfully, Cyminology combines Persian rhythms with jazz in their subtle yet dynamic interpretations with the inspiration from the style of Rumi, Hafiz and Khayyam.
Having received several awards to date, Cyminology continues to enrich the German jazz with colors brought into the music by different language and cultural backgrounds. The albums of Cyminology, which were co-founded by German-born Iranian musician Cymin Samawatie, have been released by prestigious production company ECM since 2008.
Last year, the band released their latest album "Phoenix" in collaboration with Berlin Philharmonic violist Martin Stegner. The album was dedicated to 20th-century female poet Füruğ Ferruhzad and praised by both critics and music lovers. The band, which will team up with Stegner and Korhan Erel to perform Samawatie's compositions, will carefully reflect the elements of different musical genres and movements such as chamber jazz, open improvisation, experimental and electronic music, modern composition, impressionism and minimalism.
Creating an extraordinary synthesis of East and West, and new and old, Berlin-based jazz band Cyminology will present the post-migrant European culture with music and poetry at the Borusan Music House in Istanbul.
When: Jan. 25, 8:30 p.m.
Where: Borusan Music House
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