France directly liable for killings in Syria: President Assad

France directly liable for killings in Syria: President Assad ... 19/02/2017 Politics

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President Bashar al-Assad says France’s support for terrorist groups operating against the Syrian government and people is a direct cause of bloodshed in the Arab country.
“The policy of France, that started from day one, has been to support terrorists in Syria, and is responsible directly for the killings in our country,” Assad told TF1 and Europe 1, respectively a French channel and a French radio network.
Assad further said his remarks were not a mere accusation as French officials have on numerous occasions admitted that they are supporting militants in Syria.
“They said many times they supported the war,” said the Syrian leader. “They said that they send armaments to whom they call moderate groups, which are terrorists. They said that; I didn’t say it. The Americans said the same, the French said the same.”
The Syrian head of state further cast doubt on the sincerity of Western states in their approach towards the crisis in Syria.
“We have to be cautious with every Western leader because they can say something and do the opposite… do something in the morning and do the opposite in the evening…They don’t have values in their policies,” he added.
Assad said the fate of the Syrian people is not for the West to determine.
“My people have to choose, because this is a Syrian issue, to be frank with you,” he said.
“So, we don’t care about what the Western officials think about this. They have to worry about their people and to protect their people from the terrorist attacks that have been happening because of their policies.”
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