This Iranian dish will leave your taste buds tantalized

This Iranian dish will leave your taste buds tantalized ... 11/03/2017 Cuisine

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March 11, 2017
By: Filza Jawad Hai
Chullu kebab is an Iranian dish, consisting a bed of steamed basmati or saffron rice with butter on top, served with beef mutton or chicken kebabs, French fries, grilled tomato and green chilies. It has various Persian varieties. Originally this dish is served with raw egg yolk in the north-western Iran but most restaurants do not serve it in this manner as people do not like the consumption of raw eggs.

* * * Chelo Kabab, Chelokabob

* * * There have been various restaurants in Karachi offering chullu kebab in distinct varieties, people would say that more or less it’s the same everywhere but it is not. Three most highlighted places that serve Chullu Kebab are Kolachi, Kababjees and Chullu kebab Sistani Restaurant. We can say that these places have the same items on the platter to complete the dish but the taste is definitely very different from one another.
This week chullu kebab from these restaurants were tried to give you an insight review on the three different places.
Starting from the renowned Kolachi restaurant, which is known for its immaculate customer service. This restaurant has never failed to disappoint their customers and always welcomed them with great respect, which is why people love to visit them over and over again. As far as their flavor is concerned, it is as amazing as their customer service. The only drawback with this place is that chullu kebab is not available on them dine in menu, which is why you cannot enjoy it besides the lovely seaside ambience. Although their delivery service of their dish is not bad at all from the delivery standards but it’s still missing the element of piping hot kebabs taken just off the skewers and served with warm rice and melted butter. Otherwise their packaging of delivery items is highly commendable, with proper cutlery and restorable boxes. The overall combination of juicy kebabs, grilled tomato and basmati rice topped with Nurpur butter is excellent.
Next was Kebabjees, which has been trying to follow the footsteps Kolachi in maintain a well-established relationship with their customers and provide great experience overall. Even though Kebabjees has managed to establish quite a lot of branches around the city with prices slightly lower than Kolachi but somehow they will have to do slightly better to meetup the standards. Although the chullu kebab was quite decent, it was a lot like Kolachi’s chullu kebab except for the fact that they used Emborg’s butter that wasn’t buttery enough to add flavor in the rice and kebabs were a tad bit mild in flavor. All in all, not a bad dish and very reasonably priced.
Chullu Kebab Sistani restaurant, it is located in the center of Karachi in Saddar area. This wasn’t the first visit at this place though because their food is so amazing that I won’t mind making an effort to drive up to this place even on a busy working day. As far as their Chullu is concerned it is the best I have eaten yet. And I am glad I tried the other two before so that I could prove that making an effort to Saddar for Siatani will be totally worth it. Their Chullu is absolutely authentic, from the quality of their homemade hand churned butter to their saffron rice with perfectly cooked Kebabs and crispy French fries, everything is amazing. This dish is meant to be eaten fresh and hot, only then you’ll be able to enjoy the buttery saffron rice with crispy fries. Believe it or not the texture of kebabs is always different when eaten hot and when eaten warm, hot kebab has the juices and oils oozing out, while warm kebab retains the moisture and oils inside leaving the kebab to become dense and bland. Sistani is doing a great job so a visit there is highly recommended. They have a pretty decent established family area, huge range of different cuisines on their menu and very welcoming staff who will guide you through the variety of cuisines they have other than Iranian items.
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Chullu kebab at Sistani Restaurant. The quantity they serve is good enough to be shared amongst two individuals but if you go with a huge appetite this platter is good enough for you. Not a bad deal for Rs.600.

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