28 Americans register to run in Iran’s 1st Intl marathon

28 Americans register to run in Iran’s 1st Intl marathon ...
artesianews.com 01/04/2017 Sports

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TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The website of Iran’s track and field federation is saying that 28 American runners have registered to participate in the country’s first international marathon next Friday.
The Friday report also said hundreds of other runners from Britain, Canada and Saudi Arabia, among other countries, had registered as well.
It said the federation would facilitate the visa process for the applicants. It did not elaborate.
In a retaliatory move, Iran stopped issuing visas to U.S. citizens after Trump first announced a travel ban on Iranians and citizens of six other Muslim-majority countries in January. Tehran later allowed American wrestlers to travel to Iran to participate in a world championship.
More applicants are expected to register for Friday’s marathon in the coming days.
ONLINE registry until Sunday 2nd of April
https://www.iruniran.com/register /
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