Wall Climbing is an Olympic sport and 'Persian Cheetah' is the fastest at it

Wall Climbing is an Olympic sport and 'Persian Cheetah' is the fastest at it...
cbc.ca 02/05/2017 Sports

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Iranian Reza Alipour sets world record of 5.48 seconds to scale 15-metre wall
By Alexis Allison, CBC Sports Posted: May 01, 2017 6:40 PM ET Last Updated: May 01, 2017 6:46 PM ET
Iran's Reza Alipour, nicknamed the 'Persian Cheetah,' set a new Speed Climbing world record time of 5.48 seconds on Sunday. (IFSC/Twitter)

* * * Iran's Reza Alipour is quickly defining himself as the Usain Bolt of speed climbing.
The 23-year-old set a world record in winning gold at a World Cup climbing event in China this past weekend.
Canada's Sean McColl: You want him on that wall
Alipour, nicknamed the 'Persian Cheetah' scaled a 15-metre wall in just 5.48 seconds, shattering the previous record of 5.60 seconds held by Ukraine's Danyil Boldyrev.
Russia's Aleksandr Shikov and Vladislav Deulin took silver and bronze, clocking times of 5.61 seconds and 7.36 seconds, respectively.
15-metres, straight up, in under 6 seconds
Sport climbing, also known as lead climbing, requires participants to quickly determine the best route up a course. The competitor to make it the highest in the time allotted is declared the winner.

In addition to climbing, Tokyo 2020 will also welcome surfing, skateboarding, karate and baseball/softball as official Olympic sports....

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