Iran has intel on Saudi ties to Tehran terror attacks

Iran has intel on Saudi ties to Tehran terror attacks ... 13/06/2017 Politics

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News ID: 4003941 - Tue 13 June 2017 - 15:26
OSLO, Jun. 13 (MNA) – Foreign Minister Zarif said Iran has obtained intelligence that terrorists active along Iranian eastern and western borders have received support from Saudi Arabia.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made the remark at Oslo Forum on Tuesday in response to a question about the reason behind Iran’s confidence that Saudi Arabia was behind the terrorist attacks on Tehran which killed 17 people and injured dozens more.
“Saudi officials made some provocative remarks and actively threatened to take the battle inside Iran’s territory; this is a direct threat and very dangerous provocation by Riyadh. Saudi foreign minister also tweeted hours before the attacks on Tehran,” said Zarif.
The Iranian diplomat was referring to the remarks by Saudi FM Adel al-Jubeir on June 6, saying Iran had to be “punished” for what he called “its interference in the region.”
Just hours later in the morning of June 7, Iran’s parliament and mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini in Tehran were hit in near-simultaneous attacks claimed by ISIL. Last month, Saudi Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman said he would take the battle inside Iran.
“We have intelligence that terrorist groups along Iranian eastern borders are using the good position of our neighbors to carry out attacks against us,” he added.
Meanwhile, IRGC commander Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari also said today that they had obtained accurate intelligence that Saudi Arabia had supported the terrorists and asked them to carry out attacks in Iran.
Zarif went on to stress, “our foreign policy is clear; since 1986, Iranian officials said they seek regional security. We are the most secure country in the Middle East and our people had the highest turnout in elections.”
“We need secure neighbors, especially in case of Saudi Arabia and Qatar,” he said, adding “under the current situation, it is very important for us that the newly developed tension between these two countries be resolved through talks.”
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