Iran Condemns Hostile Policy of Donald Trump against Cuba

Iran Condemns Hostile Policy of Donald Trump against Cuba... 21/06/2017 Politics

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Tehran, June 20 (Prensa Latina) Iran condemned today the new sanctions of Donald Trump''s administration against Cuba after announcing a reversal of the political approach initiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama.
Speaking to reporters in Tehran, Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi described as 'failed and ineffective' the measures decided on by Trump during a speech four days ago surrounded by representatives of the most extremist wing of the Cuban exile in Miami.
'The resistance and determination of the Cuban people in the last five decades have neutralized all US policies and actions to pressure and harass that country,' the Foreign Ministry official told the official IRNA news agency.
News reports from the Persian nation reported the executive order signed by Trump to subject the Caribbean nation to sanctions that had been lifted by Obama as part of the reestablishment of diplomatic relations announced in December 2014 and finalized in July 2015.
'The Islamic Republic of Iran rejects the new restrictions on Cuba and strongly believes that the global experience has proven the ineffectiveness of sanctions as a means of pressure against sovereign nations to weaken their determination,' Qassemi said.
In addition, he considered it 'surprising' that American statespersons 'have not learned the lesson of frequent past experiences and insist on ignoring the independence of sovereign countries by resorting to erroneous and useless policies, once again showing the world their coercive policies.'
On behalf of the Iranian government, the diplomat condemned the recent action against the Cuban Revolution and reiterated that Tehran's position 'is based on supporting the sovereign nations of the world, including Cuba.'
Authorities and the Iranian news media highlighted the strong position expressed yesterday in Vienna by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, when he warned that 'there will be no presidential directive of the United States that would alter the direction of Cuba.'
During a press conference in the Austrian capital, Rodriguez criticized Trump's decision to limit US travel and business in Cuba, and called the announcement last Friday 'a grotesque spectacle out of the Cold War.' 'Cuba will not negotiate its principles nor accept conditions, as it has never done throughout the history of the Revolution,' said the foreign minister in stressing that Washington is not able to teach lessons on human rights and democracy.
Rodriguez described Trump's speech as outrageous and emphasized that the public around him in Miami was composed of characters who staged violent acts, murders, and terrorist acts. 'I protest before the US government because of this brazenness,' he said.
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