Bushehr Province boosts food exports to Qatar

Bushehr Province boosts food exports to Qatar ...
en.mehrnews.com 24/06/2017 Import-Export

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News ID: 4013275 - Sat 24 June 2017 - 14:14
TEHRAN, Jun. 24 (MNA) – Given the proximity of ports of Bushehr province with Qatari ports, food exports from Deyr, Bolkheir, Tangestan and Genaveh ports to the Arab country have risen.
Director of Bushehr Province Ports and Maritime Organization Mohammad Mehdi Benchari made the announcement saying “Bushehr province enjoys the longest water border with the Persian Gulf and merchants and businessmen of the Iranian province have a brilliant historical background in trading Persian Gulf littoral states for being neighbors with them.”
He pointed to the capacity for loading goods at ports of the southern Iranian province adding “annually, over nine million tons of products are loaded and unloaded at eleven ports of Bushehr province though the figure is expected to rise once port projects are completed.”
Highlighting that Bushehr ports possess a great capacity for exports of food products to Qatar, the official reiterated that “presently, over 1,100 tons of foods items, mostly fruits and vegetables, are shipped to Qatar per day.”
Benchari noted that the high volume of food exports to Qatar from Bushehr province pertains to especial position of the Iranian province as regards commercial transactions with Persian Gulf littoral states.
“Deyr port is deploying 350 tons of fruit and vegetables to Qatar on a daily basis while the figure for Bolkheir and Tangestan reaches 750 tons,” stressed the official.
He further noted that the first cargo, with a weight of 240 tons, had been transferred to the Arab country from Genaveh port.
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