Flowers are part of Iranians’ daily life: Carlos Queiroz

Flowers are part of Iranians’ daily life: Carlos Queiroz... 11/09/2017 Sports

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Posted by Mir Farhad Ali Khan on Sunday September 10
Tehran Times – TEHRAN, Iran national football team head coach Carlos Queiroz says that flowers are an integrated part of Persians’ daily life.
Queiroz’s seven-year tenure with Team Melli has been successful on the field and now the Portuguese says he is happy to live in Tehran in an interview with Diário de Notícias.
Iran is covered by deserts, but it is the country of flowers as well. People give each other flowers when they meet together. No one goes to other people’s houses without flowers and there are flowers everywhere for sale. Flowers are part of daily life of Iranian people,” Queiroz said.
“My neighbors give me flowers and I found a bunch of flowers in my hotel’s courtyard after returning to my house. I am a happy person living in Tehran and announced that for so many times,” the former Real Madrid coach added.
Asked if he would consider to leave Iran, Queiroz said, “I had several offers from Algeria, South Africa and Qatar. Some Chinese and European clubs showed interest in signing me as well but they didn’t attract me,” the Team Melli coach added.
“After the 2018 World Cup in Russia there is one thing I have to do: a serious thinking about my life. Up to now, football forced my family dedicate themselves to following me. I am going fishing [Laughs],” Queiroz said.
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