Iran's trade with ASEAN sees significant growth

Iran's trade with ASEAN sees significant growth ... 29/12/2017 Import-Export

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TEHRAN, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- Iran's trade with the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) has experienced a meaningful growth, reaching 2.63 billion U.S. dollars during the last eight months until Nov. 22, Financial Tribune reported on Thursday.
Iran exported 1.28 billion dollars and imported 1.34 billion dollars of non-oil goods to and from the ASEAN nations over the same period, the report said.
The figures registered 80 percent growth in exports and 37 percent rise in imports compared with the same period in the previous year.
Thailand was Iran's largest ASEAN partner with 619 million dollars of trade exchange, accounting for 24 percent of Iran's trade with all ASEAN states.
Singapore was Iran's second largest ASEAN partner with 487 million dollars in mutual trade, a 10-percent rise compared with the year before.
Iran-Malaysia trade grew by 69 percent to 486.5 million dollars, while, Iran's trade with Indonesia and Vietnam amounted to 485 million dollars and 325 million dollars, respectively.
The major exports of Iran to the ASEAN nations included steel, pistachio, butane, propane and figs.
Iran's imports from ASEAN included sugar cane, palm oil, soybean, food products, rice, home appliances, medium-density fibreboard, POS terminals, and cell phones.
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