Acclaimed Iranian singer Iraj to perform in Shiraz

Acclaimed Iranian singer Iraj to perform in Shiraz... 17/01/2018 Fun

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Source: Financial Tribune
Acclaimed traditional singer Hossein Khajeh-Amiri, better known as Iraj, will hold his first ever concert in Shiraz, Fars Province, on January 21. Iraj will be accompanied by Nima Nour Mohamadi as conductor of musicians, in the performance at the amphitheater of the cultural complex of Shiraz University.
The 85-year-old singer resumed live performances in 2016 after a 16-year hiatus and sung for fans in Bandar Abbas, Kish Island and Qazvin. Last year he appeared at a joint concert with his pop singer son, Ehsan, in Tehran.
Born in Kashan, Iraj began learning traditional Persian singing (avaz) under his father's tutelage at the age 6. His grandfather was a singer at the royal court of Naser al-Din Shah (1831-1896), a king of the Qajar dynasty.
Iraj's professional career started when master composer Abolhassn Saba (1902-1957) introduced him to the national radio station when he was barely 14.
Singing for the traditional Persian music radio program 'Golha' (flowers), Iraj worked with renowned musicians including Ali Tajvidi (1919-2006), Parviz Yahaqqi (1936-2007), Jalil Shahnaz (1921-2013), Ruhollah Khaleghi (1906-1965), Farhang Sharif (1931-2016) and Asadollah Malek, 75.
Iraj has sung almost 2000 songs in over 60 years. His songs have been broadcast from 10 radio programs, featured in 100 films and included in 10 albums.
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