190 years pass since signing of Turkmenchay treaty

190 years pass since signing of Turkmenchay treaty ...
en.apa.az 11/02/2018 History

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Some 190 years have passed since the signing of the Treaty of Turkmenchay, which had a decisive impact on the destiny of Azerbaijan.

The treaty concluded the Russo-Persian War which lasted for two years (1826-28), APA reported.

The Turkmenchay treaty was signed for Persia by Crown Prince Abbas Mirza and Allah-Yar Khan Asaf al-Daula, chancellor to Shah Fath Ali (of the Qajar Dynasty), and for Russia by General Ivan Paskievich. Like the 1813 Treaty of Gulistan, this treaty was imposed by Russia, following military victory over Persia. By this final treaty of 1828 and the 1813 Gulistan treaty, Russia had finalized conquering all the Caucasus territories from Iran, comprising modern-day Dagestan, eastern Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, all which had formed part of its very concept for centuries. The area to the North of the river Aras, amongst which the territory of the contemporary nations of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the North Caucasian Republic of Dagestan were Iranian territory until they were occupied by Russia in the course of the 19th century.

After the treaty, Armenians began the mass resettlement to Northern Azerbaijan territories. In 1828-1829, 40-50 thousand Armenians were moved from Iran, and 90 thousand of them were moved from Turkey to Azerbaijan.
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