SearchMassive sandstorm turns daylight into darkness as it sweeps through city in Iran

Massive sandstorm turns daylight into darkness as it sweeps through city in Iran ... 19/04/2018 Nature, #ISNA, #Iran, #News, #Online, #Students, #Yazd, #Yazd_Province

By Alexander Maveal Online Video Producer Global News
A massive sandstorm that tore across parts of Iran on Monday, blocking out the sun and sending residents in search of cover, left at least 10 people injured.
The sandstorm swept through Yazd Province in the centre of Iran, according to the Students News Agency ISNA.
Footage of the incident shared on social media showed a wall of sand and dust as it approached a city.
Another video captured a man taking cover as day quickly turned dark.
“Everything is becoming brown. It’s like misty and brownish,” a man is heard saying in the video.
“I don’t know what this is … apparently, it’s not normal and you get to see something special,” the man added.
Yazd Province’s meteorological organization said the storm had a wind speed of up to 102 kilometres per hour, IFP News reported on Tuesday.
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