US says China, Iran, Russia are 'forces for instability'

US says China, Iran, Russia are 'forces for instability'... 21/04/2018 Politics

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is lashing out at China, Iran, Russia and North Korea for being "forces of instability" because of human rights abuses of their own citizens and others.
In its annual global human rights reports released on Friday, the State Department singled out the four countries for egregious rights violations, including restricting the freedoms of speech and assembly and allowing or committing violence against religious, ethnic and other minority groups. It said that countries that undermine the fundamental dignity of people are "morally reprehensible" and harm U.S. interests.
"The governments of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, for example, violate the human rights of those within their borders on a daily basis and are forces of instability as a result," acting Secretary of State John Sullivan said in an introduction to the reports — one for each country and territory in the world. He said the U.S. aims to lead by example and promotes good governance, anti-corruption efforts and the rule of law.
In addition to harshly criticizing those countries by name, the reports, which covers 2017 and is the first entirely produced by the Trump administration, replaces sections on "reproductive rights" with one titled "coercion in population control." The shift underscores the Trump administration's anti-abortion position that has already manifested itself in funding for international health programs and has been criticized by women's health advocates.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had added the "reproductive rights" section in 2012 and it had remained a part of each country's report until this year. Beyond coercion, that section had previously called out countries that denied access to information and services for reproductive health, including contraception.
Groups like Amnesty International denounced the report for that reason and others, maintaining that the administration's domestic policies — as well as close relationships with countries accused of abuses — had badly damaged its credibility as a leader in human rights advocacy.
"From the beginning, this administration has sent the message that the United States will no longer prioritize efforts to hold the global community to account for human rights," Amnesty said in a statement. "The omission of key passages pertaining to sexual and reproductive rights, women's rights and the rights of marginalized populations, combined with the administration's deference to known human rights violators like the governments of Saudi Arabia and Turkey, make us skeptical that these reports present a full picture of human rights around the world."
The reports are critical of U.S. partners and allies like Saudi Arabia and Turkey but traditional U.S. adversaries are hit hardest. The entries for China, Iran, Russia and North Korea outline a litany of abuses blamed on their governments, which are also accused of failing to hold human rights violators accountable for their actions:
The report said Beijing is responsible for arbitrary detentions, executions without due process and coerced confessions of prisoners as well as forced disappearances and "significant restrictions" on freedom of speech, press, assembly, association, religion, and movement.
In the "coercion in population control" section, the report says that China enforces "a coercive birth-limitation policy that in some cases included sterilization or abortions. In its first year in office, the Trump administration, as previous Republican administrations have done, pulled funding from the U.N. Population Fund, largely because of its work in China. The fund denies that it promotes abortion.
---The Trump administration is lashing out at China, Iran, Russia and North Korea for being 'forces of instability' because of human rights abuses of their own citizens and others. ---

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