Scientific Study Claims All Humans Descend From One Couple That Lived 200,000 Years Ago

Scientific Study Claims All Humans Descend From One Couple That Lived 200,000 Years Ago... 05/12/2018 Science

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by Ivan
A new, revolutionary scientific study suggests a single couple spawned the rest of modern humans, some 200,000 years ago.
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* * * A new study has found that all humans descend from a single couple and 9 out of 10 animal species also descend from one specific couple, says a new study published by scientists from the University of Basel (Switzerland) and Rockefeller University (NY, USA).
According to experts, all modern humans are related and descend from a unique pair who lived between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago.
To arrive at this conclusion, the scientists examined the genetic “barcodes” of 5 million animals, including humans, of 100 thousand different species and concluded that we descended from a single pair of adults.
When speaking about “barcodes,” scientists refer to fragments of DNA that reside outside the nucleus of living cells (mitochondrial DNA), which are transferred from generation to generation by the mother.
With each reproduction, the errors are recorded in the barcode as if they were the repeated photocopy of a document.
By measuring the accumulation of these errors – the blur or “diversity” between the codes – scientists are able to infer the passage of time.
Although this statement gives rise to consider the theological hypothesis of intelligent design or even ancient astronaut interventions, the authors of the study are inclined to think of a catastrophic event that almost destroyed the human race in remote antiquity, after which our species had to “restart”.
Humans, as well as 9 out of 10 animals, descend from a unique pair that existed hundreds of thousands of years ago.
The new study was led by Mark Stoeckle of Rockefeller University and David Thaler of the University of Basel.
They concluded that 90% of all living animal species today come from parents which started giving birth at about the same time, around 250,000 years ago, which calls into question the patterns of human evolution.
“This conclusion is very surprising,” Thaler admitted, “and I fought against it as hard as I could.”
The new discovery was published in Human Evolution.
Scientists obtained a treasure trove of data from the world’s fastest-growing databases, which allowed them to review a massive literature in evolutionary theory, including Darwin’s.
“At a time when humans place so much emphasis on individual and group differences, maybe we should spend more time on the ways in which we resemble one another and the rest of the animal kingdom,” explained Dr. Stoeckle.
The new study raises a number of doubts and considerably mystery as to why exactly the human race ‘restarted’ in such a small period of time, especially taking into consideration the last known massive extinction we know of was when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, some 65 million years ago.
The new findings open up a number of possibilities. Some experts believe that the discoveries made by Mark Stoeckle and David Thaler open up the possibility of an ‘inbuilt’ human evolutionary process that causes the human race to break down and die out, eventually causing it to restart from scratch.
If that wasn’t a mystery, experts say that we are all very surprisingly similar, not just to other humans, but other species on Earth.
“If a Martian landed on Earth and met a flock of pigeons and a crowd of humans, one would not seem more diverse than the other according to the basic measure of mitochondrial DNA,” explained Jesse Ausubel, Director of the Program for the Human Environment at The Rockefeller University.
Culture, life experience, and other things can make people very different but in terms of basic biology, we’re like the birds,” Dr. Stoeckle added.
But was it aliens you might ask?
Let me throw in some controversy in there.
If there really was a ‘restart process in the human race’ and that all humans are the result from a couple that existed on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, is it really that hard to reconsider the ancient astronaut theory?
What if hundreds of thousands of years ago, as some ancient astronaut theorists have suggested, beings not from Earth visited our planet and helped ‘forge’ the modern human we see today.
Using genetic material from our ancient ancestors, they ‘created’ us in ‘their image’, and gave rise to the modern human race that eventually populated the world we see today.
The above is hard to answer, but if we are to look for clues in ancient civilizations that predate us, we might find more answers about our true origins.
This new study has already been misinterpreted by a number of religious parties who have misunderstood the study by believing that all humans came into existence miraculously, in some massive biological big-bang event, more than 100,000 years ago.
However, it’s not the case.
Stoeckle and Thaler’s infer that our species has to ‘rebuild’ itself over time more often than we previously thought, and we do so simultaneously as other species on Earth.

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