Number of Mammals Rising in Northeastern Iran

Number of Mammals Rising in Northeastern Iran... 01/01/2019 Nature

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The number of mammals living in the wildlife preservation parks of Iran’s Northeastern province of Khorasan Razavi has increased by 10% since last year, Director General of the Khorasan Razavi Environmental Protection Touraj Hemmati said, adding that currently 100 leopards are living in the 12 habitats of the province.
Hemmati said the leopard population in 12 habitats of the province number around 100 collars, according to the latest expert estimations.
“Autumn census program for mammals in the natural areas of Razavi Khorasan province has been completed and based on the results, we have witnessed 10% growth of the dominant species of the province since last year,” he underlined.
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A total of 434,000 hectares were monitored, using the Spatial Information System, for the first time, all census and observation paths were recorded using GPS, and data were analyzed in the GIS system. This method resulted in the provision of the wildlife layer of the province and habitats, he added.
There are eight feline species living in the habitats of Razavi Khorasan province; and in total, the province holds 44 percent of the species listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Hemmati noted, adding "due to high diversity of vegetation and medicinal plants, the province hosts more than 2,482 plant species, grouped into 585 genera and 115 families”.
He added that according to the census, more than 2,600 deer, 14,000 urials and 3,000 wild goats live in the natural zones of the province.
---Hemmati said the leopard population in 12 habitats of the province number around 100 collars, according to the latest expert estimations. ---

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