Marc Wilmots Named Iran’s Head Coach to Succeed Carlos Queiroz

Marc Wilmots Named Iran’s Head Coach to Succeed Carlos Queiroz ... 15/05/2019 Sports

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Belgian Marc Wilmots was announced as Iran’s new National Football Team head coach, according to President of the Iranian Football Federation Mehdi Taj.
Taj confirmed the signing of Wilmots as new Team Melli head coach.
The reports also say that Wilmots is asking for an annual salary of 1.5 million dollars along with two assistant coaches of his choice.
He arrived in Tehran early on Wednesday to sign a 3-year contract. The former Belgium international coached the Red Devils at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil as well as the 2016 UEFA Euro in France. Wilmots will replace former Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz who was in charge of Team Melli for 8 years.
He is supposed to visit Iran football facilities and to sign his official contract today.
He will remain the Iranian team's coach until the end of 2022 World Cup.
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