Hypocrisy towards Iran over International Treaties and Agreements

Hypocrisy towards Iran over International Treaties and Agreements ...
opednews.com 30/05/2019 Politics

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Western countries and Russia, and to a lesser degree China, have taken advantage of weaker countries and abused their power because they have nuclear bombs. Western countries and Russia have walked away from international agreements or simply ignored them.
Iran has signed many treaties and acted in good faith some of which were before the revolution. Many Iranians opposed the Shah's policy of giving away Bahrain, as they knew the British government should not be trusted in signing treaties. In a treaty in Bahrain's case, Britain agreed to leave the region in 1971, however, their warships returned in 1976 and have remained in the Persian Gulf since then.
Similar to Japan and Germany, Iran has no plan(s) to build an atomic bomb. It is interesting how and when the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was created in Geneva, Switzerland in the 1965-1968 time frame. Iran joined the NPT in 1968. This treaty has discriminated against Iran without Iran violating its obligations. Iran should have the same rights as other member countries to do whatever it wants in the field of nuclear technology. Iran has the knowledge but has not built the bomb because it felt it did not need it.
Among many countries, it is argued that the NPT and the IAEA were created by Western countries and Russia to control weaker countries, because stronger countries, especially those that have atomic bombs, do not obey many agreements. For example, in 1995 the agreement of the non-nuclear-weapon NPT countries stated a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) should be implemented, which to date it has not been implemented.
The NPT requires other member countries to provide its members with whatever they need, be it technology, materials or equipment. However, it has discriminated against Iran under the pretext that Iran may build a bomb. NPT has lost credibility because of its bias towards Iran. Therefore, Iran should leave this organization. Because it has not benefited from it. Moreover, Iran should leave IAEA for the same reason that it has discriminated against Iran and placed watchdogs in its civilian nuclear sites, more than any country without offering any benefits to Iran.
Western countries, Russia, and China must know that if they continue to take advantage of Iran by imposing illegal sanctions and cornering Iran to sell its natural resources e.g., oil and gas under market prices, then their actions would force Iran towards producing nuclear weapon(s) similar to North Korea.
Iran has not attacked any country in the past 200 years, but it has been attacked many times openly and clandestinely. Iran is surrounded by countries that have nuclear bombs such as Pakistan, India, and Russia. Russia, France, Germany, and other countries have taken advantage of Iran and benefited financially by selling arms to Saddam Hussein before and during 1980-1988, when Iraq attacked Iran. Iran should have the right to defend its people.
Iran's investments in French, German, and American companies have been confiscated, especially after its revolution. In some cases, a company has been bankrupted such as Pan Am when Iran had over 40% shares of this company in the stock market. A German pharmaceutical company has ignored Iran's 10% ownership of it.
Nuclear arm countries have made false allegations based on faulty reports, similar to Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in 2003 by President Bush, Jr.. Western countries have taken artifacts from West Asian countries such as Iran and Iraq and are displaying them in their museums. These items must be returned to their countries of origin. In October 2018, in interviewing seven British historians in the City of Bristol, they all mentioned that the majority of the content of British museums either have been taken by force or stolen.
Given all illegal sanctions against it, Iran has not made the decision to make atomic weapon yet despite having advanced nuclear technology.
Western countries have made billions of dollars by selling arms to Arab countries of the Persian Gulf region, many of which their citizens cannot operate. These sales have brought nothing but misery for the region.
By arming criminal Saddam Hussein, the entire world supported Iraq when it was given a green light to attack Iran. Western countries provided arms, poison gas, and Arab countries gave financial support. When two of Kuwait's parliamentary members were interviewed in 2003, they mentioned that they were afraid of Saddam Hussein. However, criminal Saddam Hussein was let to believe that if he attacked Kuwait (April Glaspie report), it will be an internal matter. Saddam attacked Kuwait and Iraq ended up compensating Kuwait for the damages done to it. However, no country has paid any damage(s) to Iran. Many Iranians are suffering from chemical and poison gas that were sold to Iraq by Western companies against Geneva Convention.
Iran has housed several million refugees because of Russia and Western countries aggression. Iran should open its borders and let the countries that caused destructions in West Asia deal with millions of refugees. Iran has received very little or no financial aid for supporting the needs of millions of refugees who escaped to Iran and still remain in Iran. At least one million of these refugees should be escorted to Europe demanding justice for dislocating and dropping bombs, such as illegal white phosphors on them.
Who has given the right to Western countries and Russia to drop bombs on people, many of whom have been elderly and children? Many people have suffered and will suffer similar to Agent Orange, which the people in Vietnam are suffering from after almost fifty years. There have been many failed operations in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and one of the longest wars in history, namely Afghanistan. There are people who believe the lies and false flag operations that Western countries and Russia have used to get their people's support.
Iranian people do not wish to enter into any conflict. However, they are upset that Western countries, Russia, and China do not honor their parts of the agreements or simply ignore them.
By Mohammad Ala , a native of Iran, pronounced Eeran NOT Eye-ran.....> Hint: Italy: Eetaly not Eye-taly.
Iran has been in the region properly termed 'West Asia' -- not the 'Middle East' for thousand of years.
It is heart-warming to see more and more scholars look past politics to discover Iran's contributions to science, film, and literature. One good piece of evidence is the display of Iranian artifacts in the majority of the world's museums.
The term 'Middle East' is a fake and artificial term invented in the 20th century for the benefit of rationalizing British (and hence European) imperial interests.
The "Islamic Civilization" is another fake term. Interesting that Western societies do not lump themselves with Koreans and Filipinos onto a single "Christian Civilization."
After living and working in many countries, I have become an environmentalist. I am an independent business Professor and documentary film producer about environment and creatures in it.
I have spent most of my professional life as a university Professor and as an Advisor to companies seeking to streamline their operations and to make them more efficient. My Doctorate Degree is in Quantitative Methods, Production and Operations Management. As a University Professor, I received Outstanding Professor Awards from several universities.
As a film producer, I received the 'Best Foreign Film Award' from several international festivals for my documentary films, e.g., on the spider-tailed viper of Iran which it received a Panda Award from Wildscreen Film Festival in England in October 2018. The award is called Green Oscar among environmentalists.
I welcome competition while my main goal is to educate public and protect the precious environment until I pass away.
The earth belongs to all of us and sadly is in need of care. Dumping waste, especially poisonous weed killers for weeds and Crops similar to "agent orange," should be banned.
Native people should not be forced out of their homes to make room for settlers who arrive from different countries.
Western countries and Russia have not been punished for their crimes against humanity
My professional and personal experience has convinced me that the world has become more dangerous and threatening. I have created several NGOs to protect what is left of the environment and of the creatures in it and to preserve historical heritages with emphasis on Iran's heritage and contributions to this world.
Favorite Quotes which most of them are my own summarize the way I believe:
* Enlightenment is the goal of media but delusion is often its true target.
* The prerequisite for peace is justice for all people and for all nations.
* Seeking justice is meaningless if it is not translated into action.
* Western societies and Russia share responsibility for the loss of free societies in many parts of the world, especially in less developed countries. Religion and Freedom have been promoted to fool natives. Western countries, Russia and China have depleted natural resources, looted national treasures displaying them in their museums in exchange for deceptive freedom and wealth.
* Hunting is not a sport. A real sportsman defends on his own strengths, not on a firearm.
* Creatures are intelligent and have feelings, they know fear, they know love and cruelty.
* Give a man a gun, he will kill someone; give a man a bank, he will kill everyone.
* People should not be indoctrinated with lies, only to learn the truth later. Every time a truth is told, some new understanding and tolerance between people and nations can take root.
* Poor does not mean stupid. Rich does not mean civilized and smart.
* The more simply I live and travel, the more I am able to experience life around the world.
* The news is not as bad as you think it is; no news can be as good as you think it is.
* Heaven and Hell is a concept from Zoroastrian religion which has been borrowed by other religions especially Christianity.
Heaven is the last twenty years of one's life when you can look back and smile. Hell is when you look back and suffer remorse.
* Happiness isn't where you find it. Happiness is where you create it.
* Rule of force has replaced the rule of law. Bombing innocent people in Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria must stop. Almost the entire country of Yemen is destroyed. The only thing left is its people to kill more of them while the Western countries remain quiet.
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