The Fifty-Three arrested for communist political activities

The Fifty-Three arrested for communist political activities ... 11/05/1937 History

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The Fifty-Three were a group of 53 Iranians arrested for involvement in communist political activities in 1937 and brought to trial in November 1938 in the most sensational of the political trials held during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi. Some of the 53 died in jail such as Dr. Taqi Arani, and the rest were released in 1941.
As a result of the similarity with the prosecution of the Old Bolsheviks in the Stalinist show trials in the Soviet Union in 1936-1938, some jested that Rezā Shāh was performing an imitation of Joseph Stalin.
The fifty-three were:
1. Taqi Arani
2. Abdul-Samad Kambakhsh
3. Mohammad Bahrami
4. Mohammad Shureshyan
5. Ali Sadeqpour
6. Mohammad Boqrati
7. Ziya Alamutti
8. Mohammad Pazhuh
9. Mohammad Farjami
10. Abbas Azeri
11. Nasratallah Ezazi
12. Anvar Khamei
13. Nosrat-ollah Jahanshahlou
14. Emad Alamutti
15. Akbar Ashfar
16. Taqi Makinezhad
17. Mojtaba Sajjadi
18. Bozorg Alavi
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