Iran begins enriching uranium to 20 percent in new violation of nuclear deal

Iran begins enriching uranium to 20 percent in new violation of nuclear deal... 04/01/2021 News

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By Erin Cunningham
ISTANBUL —Iran has restarted the process of enriching uranium at a purity level of 20 percent at its underground facility at Fordow, a government spokesman said Monday.
Ali Rabie spoke with Iran’s state news agency and said that scientists had begun the enrichment process Monday afternoon after notifying the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog.
Iran began ramping up its nuclear activities after the Trump administration withdrew from a 2015 agreement that curbed Tehran’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for widespread sanctions relief.
Biden has vowed to quickly restore the Iran nuclear deal, but that may be easier said than done After nuclear scientist’s brazen killing, Iran is torn over a response — restraint or fury? Iran’s president blames Israel for killing nuclear scientist and vows to respond at the ‘right time’

---Iran begins enriching uranium to 20 percent in new violation of nuclear deal ---

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