Bombing of Kermanshah's park shelter

Bombing of Kermanshah's park shelter ... 16/03/1988 History

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The bombing of Kermanshah's park shelter (in Persian: بمباران پناهگاه پارک کرمانشاه) was carried out by the army of Ba'athist Iraq against the shelter of "Shirin park of Kermanshah", on 16 March 1988.
At the mentioned bombing, Iraq also bombed the other localities of the city as well as the shelter of Shirin Park by air-to-ground missile; but bombing "Shirin Park Shelter" is considered as the most critical locality. As a result of the mentioned attack(s), 76 persons --mostly women/children-- who were in the shelter, were killed and more than 200 persons were injured.
There is a book by the name of "Panahgah-e Bi-Panah" (Shelterless Shelter) (Persian: پناهگاه بی پناه), written by Mahnaz Fattahi; which has proceed to the survivors memories of "Kermanshah's Shirin park shelter bombing".
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