Consumer Justice with Equitable Pricing Policy (EPP)

Consumer Justice with Equitable Pricing Policy (EPP) ... 20/03/2021 Economy

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Equitable Pricing Policy (EPP) is a concept that occurred to me on March, 19, 2021 on the eve of the Persian New Year 1400 after reflecting on one of the Hafez poetries that goes like: It's a new spring, try to be joyous in your heart…
Synopsis: In Microeconomics, there are different methods that determine the Cost of goods sold such as FIFO, LIFO, and Weighted Average, etc. which in turn determine the sale price. By nature, the market isn’t fair and follows the Jungle Law, under best conditions and in theory; market prices are based on the assumption that the intersection of the supply and demand curves will determine the equilibrium prices. But the big butt doesn’t say so! Big players such as state owned or private entities, corporations and their lobbies which make the rules and interpret them according to their own agenda, determine those prices. According to their own benefit which is usually Maximum Profit based on any long or short term goals. They can control or manipulate the supply chain and they can easily play with prices with taxes and tariffs. In that, there exists no Adam Smith heaven.
Also factors such as capital and technological monopoly have an effect, alongside leaders & politicians. The truth is, unfortunately most people holding the power are most likely the greediest, meanest, and sometimes the trickiest of all humankind who in turn employ the smartest, and sometimes the most brutal to suck the blood out of this herd called society. How is it possible to counter that for the sake of justice and fairness in a way that avoids discouraging functions rewarding innovation and motivation?
In 2019, I introduced ENAIC (Extensible Neutral Artificial Intelligence Community) as an ideal platform for social justice which did not work well so far. Societies may not be aware of their own problems until they see figures such as Covid 19 fatalities. That one resulted in dethroning of supremacists in the US but at the same time adversely affected civil societies around the globe. It takes time, even centuries for new ideas to be accepted by the community. Sometimes they need to be rebranded or reintroduced by groups of people strong enough to fight against the status quo.
Equitable Pricing Policy is the solution to shortfalls of capitalism and inadequacies of socialism. Consider a market in which a general Price Control System is effectively working. Before we go to a shop and purchases a product for a certain price, we can compare different options. Such services with a similar concept have been around for a while for online shoppers. Are those prices fair or biased towards a brand or seller? Sure they are. Yet if required data is fed to the EPP system, AI can easily determine what quantities have left the inventory (sold) using FIFO and determine the remainder units’ costs using the purchase data and thus produce a fair price according to logical profit margins that guarantee benefits of the entity, and its employees alongside welfare of the consumer. For Fair Pricing Policy to work, algorithms must be written and integrated into different levels of accounting, manufacturing and sales modules
The pilot project to apply FPP will be applied in Artemis Integrated Sales System Ver:2.0 sometimes soon.

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