Reign of Gil Gilanshah and Dabuyid Dynasty

Reign of Gil Gilanshah and Dabuyid Dynasty... 01/12/642 History

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Gil Gavbara (Persian: گیل گیلانشاه‎), also known as Gavbarih (the Cow Devotee), was king and founder of the Dabuyid dynasty in 642, ruling until his death in 660.
According to Ibn Isfandiyar, the Dabuyids were descended from Djamasp, a brother of the Sassanid shah Kavadh I. Gil Gavbara was the grandson of Piruz, who is described as brave as the Iranian mythological hero Rostam. Piruz later became the ruler of Gilan, and married a woman who bore him a son named Gilanshah, who in turn had a son, Gil Gavbara.
Piruz died around 642 and was succeeded by Gil Gavbara as the ruler of Gilan. Gil Gavbara, together with Farrukhzad from the House of Ispahbudhan, signed a peace treaty with the Arab conquerers and was given control of Tabaristan, which led to the formal conferment of the titles of Gil-Gilan ("ruler of Gilan") and Padashwargarshah ("Shah of Patashwargar", the old name of Tabaristan's mountains) to Gil Gavbara's son Dabuya by Yazdegerd III, the last Sasanian shah.
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