Journalist Zam was handed to Iran by French authorities: Iran ex-intelligence says

Journalist Zam was handed to Iran by French authorities: Iran ex-intelligence says... 12/11/2021 Politics

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QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Iranian journalist Roohollah Zam was handed over to Iran in an exchange for a French officer captured by the Iranian forces in Syria, an Iranian ex-intelligence officer, Akbar Khoshkush, said.
Khoshkush added that Iran captured Zam in Iraq in 2019 in an exchange deal for releasing a French officer.
The French spy, pretending to be an ISIS member was arrested in Syria and later delivered to the French authorities in Istanbul in 2019, according to Khoshkush.
Zam was an Iranian dissident journalist who fled to France in 2011 after he involved in anti-government protests.
Iran’s Court accused Zam of using Telegram a messaging app known as Amed News to stir up dissent against the Iranian government.
Zam was arrested by the Iranian authorities in Iraq after he was lured to travel there.

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