Show must go on Ukraine

Show must go on Ukraine ... 04/04/2022 Military, #Afghanistan, #Iraq, #Mainstream_Media, #Media, #Military, #Syria, #Trump, #Ukraine, #Yemen

Once again, millions of people become victims of MIM greed. Scenes of human tragedy, displace refugees fill the western media to justify fat military (read defense) budgets that result in more destruction and war. A different scenario with similar results took place in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list goes on. A tragedy as long as the modern history.
The Military Industrial Media Complex (MIM) is the real player of this injustice and terror. No matter which clown they set up as hero or daemon (Zelensky, Putin, Biden or Trump...) what they feed people in the Mainstream Media (MSM) is the fruit of a disinformation war to justify wrongdoings of the elite club that distracts our minds from reality: MIM never gets enough.
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