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Syria: Terrorists Declare Conditions for Releasing Abducted Maaloula Nuns Farsnews... 07/12/2013 Military, #FNA, #Media, #Monastery, #Syria, #Syrian, #Vatican

TEHRAN (FNA)- "Ahrar al-Qalamoun" Battalions announced that the abducted Maaloula nuns will not be released before a fulfillment of their demands.

Media reports mentioned that the group's demands and those of Nusra Front are common, Al-Manar reported.

The demands include lifting the siege on Gouta and releasing 1000 female prisoners from the Syrian prisons.

The reports confirmed that the terrorist group conveyed the demands to the Syrian government through Vatican which was informed by the head of Mar Takla Monastery about the terrorists' conditions to release the nuns.

The nuns appeared in a brief video and denied that they had been kidnapped.

The video showed them in the terrorists' headquarters.

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