Azodi Hospital Opens In Baghdad

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The Azodi hospital which was constructed after an order by Azoddoleh Deylami was inaugurated on March, 22, 978 during Norooz celebrations. The idea came from Zakaria Razi, the great Iranian scientist. In times of Deylamian dynasty Baghdad was ruled by Iranians. Azoddoleh had chosen Shiraz as his capital.
Azoddoleh got sick four years later and passed away in Baghdad and he was buried in Najaf near the tomb of Imam Ali. The Azodi Library in Shiraz and the Amir Dam on the Kor River are other remaining historical monuments of his reign.
After his death, his elder son Sharafoddoleh became the governor of Fars and Kerman but a fight broke out among four other brothers that could not be resolved even with mediation of their uncle Fakhroddoleh. Samsamoddoleh and Bahaoddoleh were engaged in a battle when Sharafoddoleh lost Kermanshah to the Hosnaviyeh who gradually became powerful in west Iran.
The fall of the Deylami Dynasty started around 1000 AD with the rise of Seljuk kings....

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