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Mounting protests against an unfair deal that gave Britain all rights over Iranian oil reserves led to street demonstrations on March, 3, 1950 and public gatherings of all groups of people including religious, national, and even communist movements were asking for Nationalization of Oil.
On the same day, PM Razmara appeared before Majlis oil committee warning of illegality of nationalization, of the unpredictability of British retaliation, and of the potential devastation to Iran's economy from retaliation. Four days later, in a speech, Mosaddegh expressed disdain towards Razmara and called his government illegitimate because of slave-like agreements he was trying to push. Razmara was trying to sweeten the deal by:
- A ten year nationalization Program
- Right to Iranians to examine AIOC books and determine their real share of profits
- Making oil prices in Iran equal to lowest possible
- Full information on destination of the exports
Prime Minister Razmara was assassinated by Fada'iyan-e Islam on March, 7, 1951.
Nationalization of Oil in Iran sparked many similar awakenings in the world....

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