Referandum From Monarchy To Republic

Referandum From Monarchy To Republic... 01/04/1979 History, #Ayatollah, #Ayatollah_Khomeini, #Governance, #Iranian, #Islamic, #Islamic_Republic, #Jurist, #Khomeini, #Monarchy

On April, 1st, 1979, after a referendum that took place on two consequent days (March, 30th and March 31st), a great majority of Iranians voted for a change of regime from Monarchy to Islamic Republic. According to published records in this referendum 20,288,000 people voted "Yes" and 241,000 people voted "No" at the poll. Ayatollah Khomeini's declaration that was published in Iranian newspaper officially announced the end of thousands of years of monarchy and start of a new era for all Iranians.
Following the referendum, the 1906 constitution was declared invalid and a new constitution for an Islamic state was created and ratified by a referendum in December 1979. The new constitution consisted primarily of the ideas Khomeini presented in his work Islamic Government: Governance of the Jurist....

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