Mahmoud Ghaznavi Died

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Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi died on this day. He succeeded his father Saboktakin in 988 and his reign lasted for 22 years. Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi had attacked India several times in order to spread Islam. This indeed became the reason behind foundation of Pakistan. He therefore had full support of the Abbasi Caliphates. Mahmoud's other achievement was turning Ghazneh, his birthplace to a cultural center and his continuous attempts for development of the northeast Iran; thus preventing the migrating Seljuk Turk influence which were spread along Jeyhoon. Mahmoud's domain of power never exceeded beyond Ray towards west. Although his native language was not Persian, he was fond of Persian culture and literature and constantly supported poets financially; Flatterer the better. Five years before Ferdowsi, the great Iranian poet had died. He had distributed the money that Mahmoud had sent him as a gift among the poor, an act that Mahmoud conceived as contempt .Ferdowsi and Birouni could only find refugee in Mazandaran. Mahmoud also ordered burning of the Rhagae library which was one of its kind. After Mahmoud's death, Mohammad, his brother became his successor but Mahmoud's son Masood blinded him and sat on the throne.....

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