Ardeshir 3. Died

Ardeshir 3. Died... 27/04/630 History, #Ardeshir, #Ardeshir_3, #Ghobad, #Javanshir, #Jerusalem, #Sassanid, #Shahrbaraz

Ardeshir 3 died when he was only 9 years old in mysterious way. It was the time of all kinds of conspiracy in the Sassanid royal family. People were corrupt and a power struggle had devastated the kingdom. Discrimination in a class based society that did not observe people's rights had also led to general public dissatisfaction. Thus the king was only a puppet in the hands of few power thirsty noblemen so to say. Ardeshir 3 was the son of Ghobad 2 and had been chosen king at the age of 7 after his father was mysteriously killed too. An army general named Shahrbaraz who was the cause of at least some of the misery by stealing the original cross from Jerusalem started ruling the country thus leading to gossips on being a conspirator. Shahrbaraz was killed after 44 days and Javanshir ascended the throne....

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