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The Delos Alliance... 23/04/478BC History, #Arestides, #Athens, #Delos, #Egypt, #Greek, #Peloponnesian, #Peloponnesian_War, #Persian, #Persian_Empire, #Sparta

The leaders of Athens and the Greek Islands sign an alliance treaty to form a united front against the only super power of the time; namely the Persian Empire. The treaty was named after the Delos island as it was the place where gold and silver to cover the expenses was collected from member states. Delos alliance, initiated by Arestides was very similar to modern day confederations. Sparta did not participate in this alliance and became dependent on Persian support. During the Peloponnesian War, which lasted from 431 to 404 and was fought all over the Greek world Sparta was financially dependent on the Persian Empire although records show that Greeks also received Persian money. This kept busy the Greek mercanaries who were trouble-makers in Egypt and in other places of the vast Empire. In this context, Iranians were probably first imperialists in the world, something not to be proud of....

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