Manouchehr 2. Becomes Shervan King

Manouchehr 2. Becomes Shervan King... 30/03/1120 History, #Anoushirvan, #Beylerbeygi, #Caspian, #Caspian_Sea, #Caucasia, #Darband, #Dynasty, #Fereydoun, #Gulistan, #Khan, #Manouchehr, #Persia, #Safavid, #Sassanid, #Shah, #Shah_Ismail, #Shahanshah, #Shervan, #Shervanshah, #Shirvan, #Zoroastrians

After his father Fereydoun was killed in a battle with Georgians, Manouchehr 2 becomes new king of the Shirvan region on March, 30, 1120. Shirvan or Shervan was a coastal region by the Caspian Sea in Caucasia. The Sassanid Emperor used to appoint an independent general for Shirvan in order to create a shield in Darband against immigration and infiltration. After the defeat of Sassanids from Caliphates, the last general here declared himself Shervanshah, and this title remained in his family.
They were Zoroastrians and stayed loyal to Sassanid rulers. The name Shirvan is believed to be connected to Anoushirvan, the Sassanid King.
The Shervanshah Dynasty was overthrown in 1500 AD by the Safavid king Shah Ismail.
Shah Ismail's father was killed in a war with Farrokh Yassar, the last Shirvan king; Shah Ismail's first battle after death of his father was to deploy an army to avenge his father's blood. In a battle near Gulistan Castle, Farrokh Yassar was killed, putting an end to the Shervanshah kingdom in 1500. Shah Ismail proclaimed Shahanshah two years later and founded the Safavid dynasty.
Shirvan became a province of Persia and was usually governed by a Khan or Beylerbeygi....

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