Vezir Amirkabir Murdered

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Amirkabir, one of the most brilliant figures of the Iranian history was murdered on Jan, 10, 1852, by an order from Naseroddin Shah at the Hamam of the Feen Garden in Kashan. Amirkabir had been kept there in exile since 1851.
In 1847, Amirkabir had been appointed by Mohammad Shah to the court of the crown prince in Azerbaijan. When the crown prince Naseroddin Shah ascended the throne, he was appointed chief minister and married Shah's sister. He founded Darolfonoon which was the first technical school of its kind in Iran and initiated great social and economic changes throughout Iran. However the Shah was one of the most hated personalities of all times in the Iranian history because of his selfishness, lust and tyranny. Scared from the ongoing social reforms, the mother queen Mahdolia persuaded the king to dismiss Amirkabir and later ordered his execution.
After Amirkabir was the Vezir of Naseroddin Shah for the first three years of his reign. Mirza Aghakhan Nouri was appointed Vezir on Dec, 1, 1851. Amirkabir's death was followed by loss of territory to Ottomans, British, and Russians.
By his wife's request, Amirkabir's body was later taken to Karbala, where he was buried and now rests....

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